8 key aspects to select a good transport service for packages

Within the different branches that any logistics company develops on its daily activity, transport can be considered one of the most important.

Transport is the link between the different phases of any industrial or service chain, from suppliers to the “last mile” delivery to our customers.

Although it could be considered that transport could be reduced to taking goods from “point A” to “point B”, there are many aspects that must be considered when transporting such material, as well as choosing the specialist transport company to carry out the task.

Therefore, before carrying out any transport service, we must assess the following key aspects:

  1. Specific characteristics of the goods to be transported (dangerous goods, cold, dry, foodstuffs, etc.).
  2. Weight and measurements of the goods (number of packages, kg, etc…).
  3. Collection point and destination.
  4. Means required for handling during loading and unloading.
  5. Delivery times offered by the agency.
  6. Insurance available for the goods.
  7. Traceability and real time information.
  8. The cost of the service.

At Pick & Pack Systems we make sure that our clients have the best transport service that the market can offer, adjusting the service to the individual needs of each one of them.

In addition, we are constantly seeking to improve our services, testing the agencies we already have and testing and analysing new agencies or services that appear on the market. The satisfaction and trust of our customers is one of our driving forces to maintain the quality we want to offer our customers in logistics.
If you need to manage your transport services, know the market in which you operate or find an efficient way to reach your customers, contact us without obligation and we will put our experience and energy at your disposal.