What is stock management?

We have probably all heard the term stock management, but do we know what it is? How is it achieved? Factors to take into account?

We can define stock management as all those operations that are used to regulate the flow of materials or products in a company, this can be done for one or several warehouses and what data do we need to make a good management?

  • The frequency with which orders are placed
  • Size of orders

These will be the keys to be able to adjust the stock to the needs of your company.

The main problems we encounter in order to manage stocks correctly are:

  • Handling large volumes of data
  • Updating data
  • Changes in the markets that require adaptations of constant improvement.
  • Achieving quality in the information we collect
  • Avoid having oversized stock levels

A good management requires a live stock, with good stock coverage, controlled obsolescence, with the desired investments, at the lowest possible cost and of course, a happy customer.

To achieve all this, from Pick & Pack we are constantly updating the information, making continuous calculations to adapt quickly to the need in anticipation of demand, taking into account a number of variables that adjust the actual days of safety stock you need without causing stock breaks, or obsolete, thanks to the quick reaction, we want to achieve ideal stocks.

We use algorithms that analyze and detect those anomalies out of the ordinary in sales and thus be able to give solutions to these (trends, novelties, deviations, seasonalities, frequencies, etc. …)

The speed in the preparation of orders and automation with high shipping rotation achieves adjustments in investment levels, coverage increases, minimum dispersion of stock, stable deliveries in the warehouse, more agile placement and thus be the stock available to your customer before without large investments. 

Order flows —— Warehouse flows.      

Having relevant information is essential, it is necessary to have well defined KPIs that give you to know at all times the stock situation and the necessary information to help you make the right decisions (investments, stock coverage, stock rotation, obsolete stock, etc.).

From Pick & Pack we can help you adding value to achieve optimal stocks in an efficient way. We are always in development processes for continuous improvement, it is our identity and we are flexible when it comes to incorporate to our system any new variant.