What is Cross-Docking?

If we translate it from English we find the words “cross” and “dock”, in very basic terms, this is a type of logistics movement that is performed so that materials transit as little as possible in a warehouse, as they enter, are handled, prepared and leave ready to be delivered to the final destination. The objective of Cross-Docking is to obtain fast and efficient movements. In some cases it is not even necessary to have a warehouse, with an exchange platform you can do the whole process, so the investment in structure is much lower than when you store.

Types of Cross-Docking:

  • Direct Cross-Docking:

Minimal or no handling of goods, such goods come already separated and practically ready for shipment.

  • Indirect Cross-Docking:

Here the merchandise does undergo handling, normally this handling involves separating, preparing and/or labeling the merchandise for subsequent shipment.

  • Hybrid Cross-Docking:

It is composed of merchandise that was already stored and the one that arrives to us from supplier that is not going to be stored, this type is more flexible, but it requires a perfect coordination so that everything is well developed.

Advantages of Cross-Docking

  1. Reduction of delivery times to the customer
  2. You are more efficient within the supply chain
  3. You increase productivity, eliminating unnecessary movements
  4. You reduce environmental pollution since in most cases there is no “repackaging”
  5. Save transportation costs, you carry the maximum in one trip

The Cross-Docking is a service that we offer from Pick & Pack for all those companies that do not want to store and want to work with this operation, we have an automatic system that records all the movements that have to be done so that the operator can manage in a fast and efficient way the products, we can do everything you want, assembly of kits, label the products, put the right delivery note or simply classify them for shipment.

We help you to manage everything you need so that the Cross Docking is perfect and your customers don’t even notice it. Contact us at info@pickpacksys.com.