E-commerce Logistics

Improve your CAPACITY FOR GROWTH with professional logistics at your fingertips, we have designed a special logistics plan for e-commerce and… what does this plan consist of?

Easy, quick, and simple

1. Connect your e-commerce with us

We have numerous integration solutions available, connect your shop with us and focus on your business.

2. Send us your inventory

Send us all the items you have, and we will register them and place them in our warehouse. As we place the material you will have it available for sale.

3. And now we can start taking orders

We can prepare orders up to 30 minutes before the departure time of the routes. Take advantage of the fact that everything your customers order up to 18:00 can be delivered to their homes the next day. Turn your fixed costs into variable costs, you only pay for the orders that are prepared.

4. We will use the packaging of your choice.

Add to the packaging whatever you want, we take care of every detail so that your order is delivered according to the guidelines set by our customers.

5. And most importantly... delivery to the customer.

Take advantage of our alliances with the main transport companies to enjoy a competitive price.

6. Contact us

Contact us and we will make you a personalised offer according to the stage you are in, we help you grow!

"We are your logistics solution"

Pick & Pack is a specialised global solution for all your logistics needs: from procurement to reverse logistics, claims management, cross-docking, or customised packaging, all our processes are guaranteed for quality and safety with the objective of adapting to the needs of our customers with solid development capabilities.



We are your logistics solution

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